Editor-in-Chief: Casey Dorman

Associate Editor: Darryl Freeland

Business Manager: Lai Le

Book Review Editor: Noel Mawer

Film Review Editor: Hadley Hury

Poetry Editor: Randall Mawer



LOST COAST REVIEW is published quarterly by AVIGNON PRESS, at 41 Shearwater Place, Newport Beach, CA 92660. Lost Coast Review welcomes unsolicited submissions of short stories, poetry, book and film reviews. Please see submissions page for instructions on submissions. Subscriptions may be obtained for a price of $25 per year (plus shipping). Please see the subscription page for information on subscriptions write the publisher or email info@avignonpress.com for subscription information. Individual copies of Lost Coast Review may be purchased at a price of $8.00 each through Amazon.com or through the publisher’s website at www.avignonpress.com