Poetry by Erin Leighton, Raul Loera, Kathy Lauder and Kate Levitz

every day, half in love with you

 by Erin Leighton


 whoever you fall to

               (the young face)

unyielding to a clarity

               which brings the temperature up

and warps you

like the scars you love

so much.


               it's not the back-story

               but the body's unfurling return to itself.


here, i wait for you in every moment,

ready to offer up the impossible.


New Shoes

By Kathy Lauder


At six I cheerfully thrust my feet,

sleek and neat in patent leather,

through a hatch at the base

of a chrome-tipped podium, and we all

stared wide-eyed through magic binoculars

at the spectacle – tarsals, metatarsals,  

phalanges, tidy as an add-a-pearl necklace! 

Clasped in the gentle embrace

of ghostly cowhide, my little piggies lined up,

wholesome and straight as crossing guards,

and my beaming parent snapped open her handbag.


Sixty-six now, arms above my head,

I slide through a humming machine

like vacuum-packed meat

on a grocery checkout belt.

A technician rings up the charges:

a gallstone large as a boiled egg;

nodules and swellings and lumps, oh no;

shadows swimming below the surface

lethal and translucent as a bloom of jellyfish;

arthritis gnawing at the bones.


Kathy Lauder lives near Nashville, where she does research and editing for the Tennessee Historical Society.  Her poetry has appeared in various “little” magazines, including the much lamented Potato Eyes.   We regret that the print version of this poem in Lost Coast Review left out the first stanza and will publish the entire poem, as above, in the next issue.


In the End

By Raul Loera


Things just don’t seem right

I try but I can never feel light

I live the day but I was made for the night

And if I die today, then I die a lie


If I die at night then it’s alright

I hide in plain site

Within something stirring

Something unknown

Pushes me away, I just wanna be alone


Just wanna cry in the dark

Just wanna breathe it all in

I don’t plan ahead because it doesn’t really matter

I live the now not the latter


This is who I am

This is what I am

And in life don’t expect a thing because nobody gives a damn


You can’t know it all

You can pretend but I’ll tell you now you’re going to fall

There’ll be a time when you hit the wall my friend

And that’ll be your end.


Raul Loera   writes short stories and poetry and lives in Orange County, California


Roach Warrior

 a poem

 by Kate Levitz


In the antiseptic flare of the kitchen light

You stand


Your antennae waving and

Your small back shiny

Black against my counter top.


You come from places unknown.

My handyman who

Plugs minute holes

Cannot deter your advances.

Small armored demon,

Retreat, retreat!


Come again another night to raid my crumbs

And we will do battle over sweets and cereal.


Kate Levitz is a college librarian in Jacksonville, Florida.


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