Poems by Raul Loera and Casey Dorman

Casey Dorman

Bin Laden is Dead! Bin Laden is Dead.

Like Romans cheering for the lions

Like brother Muslims flinging stones

Christians at the White House chanted patriotic songs.

High fives all around, then once again, their cheeks turned 'round.

Revenge, vengeance, eyes for eyes, don’t dare bring him back alive;

A killing mission without contrition. Bullets silenced brains.


We the people; what have we done?

All men are equal, all but some.

Laws, not men, our nation's dictate; abrogated by our hate.

Abjuring all humane expressions, principles or lessons, we voice

Patriotic babble, words to rouse the mindless rabble,

Praising violence, brains now silenced by the bullets that we fired.







Raul Loera

Moments that Pass

You want me to be what I’m not

I don’t seem to fit in your plans

I’m just me and your mold I can’t be

It‘s just foolish to me

Foolish for us to be


Life is short

No guarantee

Nothing to say that you’ll be alive

I just let life envelope me

Take me in and develop me


I’m not here for the long run

But I love to look at the skies at sun down

Tired of running around

My soul is mine

But I drink in your soul like a red wine


Let the moments pass

Life is like a glass

Filled with the wine of life


A few hours to pass the time

Nothing bad, no this is not a crime

Just moments lost in this world, lost in this time

Lost in ourselves


My eyes search for the beauty in this place

I find it in her face

But my own is a disgrace

But the moments that pass leave no trace


I just take it in

I just let it be

I set myself free

Free in you, Free in me


Raul Loera

My Resistance

I’m sickened to my chore

Inside I feel sore

Been living my life without knowing what’s in store

Or not caring anymore


Not knowing what awaits

Not knowing my fate

Falling down at a fast rate


But it doesn’t matter

It makes no difference

It makes no sense

I don’t need a thing

I don’t need any friends

It’ll only be me in the end


Been in a cage before

Read the stories

Heard the tales

Men living and dying

Sometimes breaking down and crying


Nothing is shocking

And it doesn’t matter when you mock me

It’s all beyond me

There’s a price to pay if you wanna be free


My dreams haunt my thoughts

My very existence

Breaking me down

Breaking my resistance


Like a dream with no scheme

Where illusions rule and nothing is real

Nothing is what it seems

And I really don’t care anymore

It no longer plays havoc


It just lies in the depths of me

In the darkest recesses

You can’t look in

You can’t see a thing

Only my rage

Only my soul in a cage

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