Poems by Raul Loera

You Leave


When you’re gone I can’t stop thinking

When you wanna leave me I can’t stop drinking

The second you walk my heart starts sinking

Like so many other times I’ve been so lost

So lost in my thoughts in my self


Wanna get lost in you

Wanna hear you say I love you

It’s hard to imagine when you say we’re through


But it’s so hard to be away

Looking forward to seeing your eyes

But not looking for the lies

Wanna see you again

Like missing an old friend


Things just can’t be like this

There’s something deep inside that I miss

Something I can’t put my finger on

When I’m lost I just wanna run


I can say it but I can’t do it

I can see it but I just can’t be it

You’ve had your ways

Been sitting here thinking of you for days

My eyes so hurt starting to see shades


I hate to see you leave, to see you walk

Alone again with no one to talk

A dead silence fills my head

Can’t even remember where I’ve been

Or what I’ve said


Every song I hear reminds me of you

Every girl I see is you

But you’re words resonate when you say we’re through

When I say I love you it’  s true

But everything you’ve done, everything you’ve said, I always knew


So now you leave

Like always I grieve

And when you come back I believe

Like a game you deceive

And so again you leave


Go ahead and go

Let’s play your game

And every other girl has your name


I’m not the only fool

You’re the same

You haven’t been the only player in the game

But even through all of this I love you just the same


Alone in the Mind


I feel  safe as if I am in my own little world. My own mind locks itself up at times and I’m not here. I retreat to my place, concrete, steel, glass and my own lonely world where I am my worst enemy. In there I am king of my own world, there is nothing but it means something. I escape; it’s quiet, dry, warm, and safe. Kind of like being a kid and hiding under the blanket when bad things happen or you get scared.


It’s the place I retreat, the place I know best. If you’ve ever been in a 23 hour a day lock up, then you know what I mean. The world outside means nothing; you’re not part of it. And when you’re not part of the world, your actions, thoughts, wants, needs, desires, and feelings mean nothing.

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