Two Poems by Raul Loera

Tragic Love


Alas true love has been beyond my grasp

Beyond my reach

Beyond my everything

For it is not to be

And because love is not something you can see

But something you can feel


The feeling evades me

For I have been in love and I do love

But I do not feel loved so therefore my love is false in a sense


It is failure of love

Failure to love and to be loved

It has all been in vain

It has all been insane


For me love has been a poetic tragedy

A love that hath not revealed itself

So my love cannot flourish by itself


Love ought to be freedom

To be caring

To be respectful

To be lustful

To be appreciative


It ought to be everything that is good

But maybe it is beyond me because I am not good

Because I am not deserving of it

But I could love

If only I could be loved


Letting Go


The other night I felt the cool wind blow in my face

 Sorry nature, I’m such a disgrace

But when I leave you’ll find no trace


Felt the freedom for a short while

In the end I’ll be alone

 Only memories that echo in my mind


They comfort me at night

 Sooth my pain, especially when I look out and see the rain

 I’ll always be the one


Freedom tastes so good

 Like a newborn child again

So take a look at me my friend


Do you even know?

 Can you even understand?

Feel your feet stir the sand


 It’s just so much to take in

So much to let inside

But yet my soul wants to go for a ride


 The night has opened my heart, opened my soul, my eyes

Yet I still feel so cold

 I reach out to feel the simple things


 The things that make me feel alive

The moonlit night

The cool breeze blowing


Take it in and feel alright

The waves crashing on the beach

 I want to be free of this life


The pain, the hurt

 I look up into the dark and try and find the light

 I look up and see the moonlit night


 Feel the cool breeze against my skin and feel alright

 Close my eyes and end the fight


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