New Poetry - Raymond Baird, Carmen-Lizbeth Reymar, Raul Loera

Two Haiku by Raymond Baird

Deserted night street--

Dry leaves rattle and scatter

Toys tossed by the wind.

Deepening twilight --

The stone, the grass, and the rose

All the same color.


By Carmen-Lizbeth Reymar

I wonder if you’ve ever really smelled the flowers
what are you thinking in those long hours?

When the rain hits your face, do you feel the grace, does it leave without a trace?
How wet do you get? Id just really like to know.

When my skin lays on yours, do you feel the warmth, are you left feelin’ cold?

Lack of passion, full of ration, Do you ever just let go?

And If I left you, would you cry
Would you just lay down and die?

I wonder if you ever crave, yearn or mourn.

You don’t know how to make a love child
Just a planned out money’s right child

Won’t you just let go and feel, child
Leave the math out of the love child

Disconnected, fear infected, real rejected

then you ponder, why I wander...

sit and wonder where I’ve gone,

all I’ll ever need is passion,

but you’re too numb to go on.



By Raul Loera

Ranting of a Damned fool.

What is the purpose of mankind?
Is it for war?
Is it for love?
Is it for mere procreation of our race?
I have not these answers

I only know the tracks that I have laid in my life
Not of greatness nor of fame
Only the acts of a misguided fool
For No man is free of some form of shame
Nor is he free of blame
But inside each and every one of us burns a flame
A passion

My body and soul bear the scars of my history
My fate and drive have determined my path
As have my faults given me wrath
I have pained and toiled
At times my plans foiled

But never have I bowed to weaknesses, nor have I bowed to another man
But bowed only to my likes, needs, and desires
Those have driven my internal fire
To say I bow to my weaknesses is to make an excuse
To these things I refuse to be a victim of

I am not a judge of men
Nor a savior
Nor am I a great composer
I am, but a man who like all men are damned

I am been a heathen
And I have been a saint
These words I say a little faint
I have been an orator of war as well as an orator of peace
And I have been an orator of foolishness and this has being the greater
For in this life we are all orators of sorts
We may peddle peace and love
Or as our politicians do at times, peddle falsifications

My fate has been sealed
Sealed from birth to death
And it shall be sealed as I take my last breath
So in my life I have no regret
Because I am just a man who soon you will all forget

With that said I close my poem

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Reader Comments (5)


July 9, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJB

Pretty good friend!! I like it... keep writing. =)

July 9, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterC.C.

Good stuff friend! I love it... Ill show you some passion! xoxo Love you - Kelb

I removed two comments by mistake, so if the authors of those comments remember them, please re-post them.
Casey Dorman

July 23, 2009 | Registered CommenterCasey Dorman

Great Job! Keep Going and write some more!


August 1, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRaul Loera

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