POETRY by Raul Loera



I made bad choices
Chose to ignore the right voices
Didn’t listen
Didn’t learn a lesson
This is my confession

I looked around woke up in a world unknown to me
Now I look around my soul’s been set free
This is my plea
This is where I want to be

I opened my eyes
Looked up and saw blue skies
Let go of all the lies
I don’t know why I never tried
Look into my eyes

Tell me what you see
Tell me am I free
Please answer me
Am I free?

I listened to my self for so long
Listened so much I got it all wrong
I look around and I know I’m where I want to be
Because I’m free

I’m a man
No more am I a boy
Not society’s toy
I let go of all the foolish ploys

I made bad choices
Chose to ignore the right voices
Didn’t play by the rules
Listened to fools

Tell me where to go and what to do
Made the choice and I was through
Yes I knew
Life is so fragile
The lessons are many
The rewards are few


So many things said
Words said in anger
Things done in the heat of passion
Nothing done in the right fashion

You hate me and I feel it
You don’t care anymore
Leave me with heart so sore
Can’t feel it like before

Wondering about what you’re doing now
Wondering about where you are
Who you’re with
Knowing why you left

Now I feel so alone
Staring down at the phone
Wanting to call
But thinking about my fall

I felt your hate
When I spoke I sealed my own fate
This is all due to my mistakes
I guess it all goes in circles

I still remember when you loved me
Your eyes lit up
But now I sit in the dark thinking of you
Not being able to get through
Just feeling so blue

I let you go
I can’t explain it, I just don’t know
So I just close my eyes and pretend not to feel at all
Pretend not to feel the fall

I’ll just let go
There’s nothing more I need to know
This is what I get for being a fool
Loosing love
And now you’re still the one I’m thinking of

Never Ever Blues

Its hard to be with out you
But deep inside I know we’re through
So many years together
Thought it’d be forever
But never say never
Never Ever

Never ever
Things haven’t been so great
Been a long time since we had a date
Lonely looking at my fate

Cover my pain with work and drinking
Try to cover up the pain and stop thinking
Just trying to run around trying to fit in

Baby it’s hard to let go of you
Feeling you close
Like taking a double dose
Touching your skin with no clothes

It’s a lonely lonely lonely world
It’ll be a lonely place
At night dreaming about your face
Feeling lonely and dazed
Feeling so displaced

Like my whole world is changing now
Remembering your brown eyes
Your lips
Take one more drink and look up into the sky
I just can’t lie

Even so I still try
Tell you I’m okay
But can’t help feeling this way
Baby I wish you were with me today

Had so many dreams with you
But Look at all of this it’s through
I never ever ever wanted this
Let go of your bliss
Its you I miss
Just wanna feel your kiss
But now I lay alone
This world is cold to the bone

Never ever did I think we’d end
Never ever did I think I’d loose my real friend
But it’s all me
All of me

Words hurt so much
Still missing your touch
Still missing your eyes
Still looking up into the skies

If I wasn’t such a fool
If this life wasn’t so cruel
If Love didn’t hurt so much

Just here alone
My bottle of JD
My cigar
Sitting in my old car

Never did a thing right
Wandering my life like the night
Just missing your sight
I don’t wanna fight

Don’t wanna let go
Don’t wanna let it show
But I just gotta know
Deep down inside I know the truth
Always singing these never ever blues


The rain beats down to the earth
I remember the days staring out the window as a child
Watching the rain hit the ground
Just staring listening to the sound

The skies so gray
The air so cold
The wind blowing the rain in all directions
Those are my recollections

And the days they seemed so long
But that was so long ago
But not in my mind
My memories are never dead
They're still alive with in my head

I love to see the rain and be alone
No one to talk to no one to see
Just by myself, alone and free


My life is just like yours, no stranger than this world
No stranger than this girl
Life is like a pearl

You find rare things hidden in the dirt
Hidden it your face
Hidden in your eyes
Looking up at the blue skies

Forget what you already know
With out it you can’t grow
Everything has never been a secret
Just don’t ever forget

Things are so strange in this world
Just like a lost girl
Brown eyes tell me all the lies
Without it no one ever dies
Without it no one cries

Life being so strange
Seeing everything in a different light
Thinking we just might
Let go of the fight
These are things that bring me fright

I’m no stranger than this world
No stranger than this girl
I only need a little bit from you
Even if we’re through

Just look into my soul
Don’t let this world make you so cold
Don’t let yourself grow old

Look at everything
Look at your new ring
What more can life bring

This is what makes me
It’s what makes me free
Open your eyes and see
Don’t forget about me

Men Who Die

We live and we die
We’re men, born to destroy and to die
Our women only grieve and miss us when we are gone
When we die
When they hear of our deaths

Brought into this earth to commit what God has allowed with free will
We come and go
Close our eyes and take our last breath in a meadow
The smell of blood
Smoke and bullets cross through the air

Memories fade as our life force fades
The soul awakens as the body sleeps
Slowly the life seeps
Seeps away into the grass
Into the ground

Tears will flow when we are dead
When we are gone
But only for a moment
For we will be forgotten

There are no memorials for us
For we are not always thought of as heroes
But just men
Men who were brought into this earth not of their own free will
But by the free will of fate

We are men, born to kill
Born to die
Born to do what must be done

We die, you live
We die, please forgive
I look up at the burning sun as the rays burn into my eyes
Blood flows
My eyes close


Transfixed Memories

My Memories hold me transfixed
Only recollections of what used to be
When it was only you and me
If you look close enough you’ll see

These are times long past
Things end so fast
Like a light switch
Hot too cold

Things change just like that
One day we’re together
The next day we’re not
This is something that’s forever
I tried to be so clever
So never say never

Words said are words fed
For they lie with the living and not the dead
My memories are transfixed
And my feelings mixed

It was never love
It was you who I was thinking of
But in the end it’s never enough
Love is always too tough

It’s like a cruel game
The person gone
She went away
But you still think of her every other day

So you lay alone
Your mind transfixed on your memories
On her smile
And you’d like to get away for a while

Your mind drags you away
To another day
To another way
For another play
But in the end you’re still alone



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Genious, can I use this to pick up chicks bro?

July 3, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAdam Jarrett

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