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It's Time to Inspire

As election time in 2018 is on the horizon, and 2020 only two years after, Democrats who wish to unseat Republican control of congress and the presidency need to stop talking only to each other and to their rabid progressive constituents and face some truths. First of all, the economy is booming and, if public opinion holds to the same course it has in the past, the party and president in power will receive the credit for this. Even if the truth is that the rich are getting richer and the poor are falling further and further behind, the vast middle class will be seeing lower taxes and finally some increase in wages. Consumer confidence is high. Complaints about income inequality and tax policy biases toward the rich are going to fall on deaf ears when they are heard by the broad middle-road Americans who are not savvy about or interested in the topic of inequality as long as they, themselves, are doing better. Second, never underestimate the percentage of the population that listens to FOX news. Ratings at the end of 2017 indicated that FOX News was the most watched Cable News network for the 190th straight month, and Hannity was the most watched news/opinion program in its time slot. Why is this important? Because the day in and day out drumbeat against Donald Trump and about indications of possible collusion with the Russians in the 2016 election that characterizes CNN and MSNBC news reports and the conversations of Democrats and Progressives, is not a feature of FOX News broadcasts. Instead, FOX and its viewers will be buzzing about the FBI and DOJ conspiracies against Trump and the violation of privacy allowed in pursuing Trump associates while allowing Hillary Clinton to skate on her email server faux pas. THIS is what a large portion of Americans will be talking about as if it’s the true reality and one which overshadows more fact-based, carefully conducted investigations by Robert Mueller or the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

“My conspiracy is truer than your conspiracy” is not a rallying cry that will attract undecided, independent or new voters, especially if many of them will hear much more about the FBI conspiracy than the Trump campaign conspiracy because they watch FOX News. “Republicans are in the back pocket of Wall Street” will be met with a “who cares?’ response or “name me a Democrat who isn’t.” What is needed is an inspirational message.

The tragedy of America right now is that we are losing the environmental regulations that have improved our water supply, the air that we breathe, and preserved natural parts of our environment. We are ending restrictions on emissions that at least have a chance to slow climate change. We are not cooperating with the rest of the world on climate change. We continue to have a health care system that is ranked as one of the worst in the developed world, while being the most expensive. We have more of our population in poverty than almost any other developed country and our national average lifespan, which is already below other developed countries and on a par with many countries in the third world, is declining for large segments of the population. Although everyone is making more money and gaining employment, good jobs, educational attainment, and family wealth for Black Americans is woefully behind that of Whites. These are things that most informed, caring, Americans are concerned about. These are issues that cry out for solutions. These are problems that the policies of the current administration and the Republican congress that backs it, exacerbate.

What we need are leaders who can address the issues that need to be addressed in this country in a way that inspires people to believe that they can be solved. Some of the solutions involve reversing current policies, but others, such as healthcare and the state of America’s Black population are issues that require innovative programs and new solutions. A truly inspirational leader will make the rest of us (and so far undecided voters) believe that these problems, even if they don’t impact each of us right now in our daily lives, are important and urgent if we are to remain or once again become the country we hoped to be—a world leader, a compassionate nation, a haven for diversity and individual freedom.  This is the kind of inspirational leader(s) we desperately need right now.

Reader Comments (5)

If you mean "a haven for diversity" of thought, you're on the right track. If you mean "a haven for diversity" of skin color, you're feeding into the racist, stultifying schemes of the neo-Marxist left into dividing a nation by race as well as by the concept of oppressor and oppressed.

"are going to fall on deaf ears when they are heard by the broad middle-road Americans who are not savvy about or interested in the topic of inequality..." If you can't hear the coastal elitist smugness in that sentence, you will never understand why Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin flipped for Trump.

All the democrats really need is a one word slogan: INDIVISIBLE. If they stop separating Americans into grievance groups and start focusing on unity and individual justice, they will win hands down.

January 30, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterMark Wheeler

Systems always produce the results they were designed to do.
The Gilen-Page studies and others show that our current oligoploy ignores the will of the people except when it is in accordance (possibly a media created accordance) with the elite class.
The internal dynamics of both the government and the parties are designed to resist change (think counter-vailing force, super-delegates) and those are enforced by the immense leagl, fiscal and police power of the state.
Why would the democrats go against the elite that feeds them? Notice the government shutdown wasn't over repealing the tax bil, climate change and reducing the military budget but over a subject with little impact on the elite.
Deep change seems to be most often forced on governments and elites by people powered movements. Even there I wouldn't call for a strong leader to emerge, they are too easily co-opted, or assassinated, instaed I would look for the creation of a multiplicity of leaderful movements reflecting the democratic (small d) diversity of our people.

January 30, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterDariel Garner

Diversity comes in a variety of forms. There is diversity of skin color, diversity of sexual orientation, diversity of religious belief, diversity of talent, diversity of economic success, diversity of cultural traditions, and diversity of thought. Many opportunities, advantages and disadvantages, and even governmental policies, as well as qualities of these diverse characteristics themselves, create differences along these lines of diversity, either purposely or inadvertently. While all Americans need to have a common agreement on basic values related to guaranteed and protected freedoms, or the country won’t be able to function as a democracy, there is no reason to either restrict or encourage diversity in any of these areas, unless one or more groups is either systematically favored or disfavored, not by their own characteristics, but by government policies designed to favor or disfavor them on the basis of those characteristics. So long as the United States does not enact such policies or removes them when they exist, it remains a haven for diversity.

January 30, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterCasey Dorman

Dariel: While the political establishment on both sides of the aisle is dedicated to preserving some form of the status quo that best serves the wealthy and financial sector of our country, we are also faced with a deeply entrenched two-party political system as well as control of the major sources of information in this country by those same wealthy elites. The leaders this system have put in place have seriously eroded our environmental protections, further solidified the hold that the healthcare industry has on our citizens’ health programs, and are in the process of attempting to dismantle our public education system, among other things, By putting people with different priorities in office, all of these processes can be reversed without going outside the existing political structure. I readily admit that there are severe limits on how far such a reversal can go because of the existing power structure that controls our politics and political decisions. We will continue to fight wars and sell arms to virtually anyone who will pay for them, while sowing the seeds of more conflict in order to sell more arms, given the political power of the infamous “military-industrial complex,” which has equal support from both parties. But abandoning the existing system right now, when it is grinding our country to bits, doesn’t seem an option to me, and, as we have seen with the current president, the leader who is elected has enormous power to steer the direction of the entire system.

January 30, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterCasey Dorman

Diversity of skin color= irrelevant, except for racists.
Diversity of sexual orientation= irrelevant, except for homophobes and heterophobes.
Diversity of religious belief= diversity of thought.
Diversity of talent= if you're referring to natural talent, important, but it's more of a genetic dispersion of ability than a cognitively sought after state of existence.
Diversity of economic success- diverse outcomes are inherent in a capitalist society and are by and large produced by a diversity of thought.
Diversity of cultural traditions= diversity of thought.
Diversity of thought= the ability that allows us to think and be.

January 30, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterMark Wheeler

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