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Those Aliens from HD164595

The recent furor over detection of a an alien signal from somewhere around star system, HD164595, a sun-like star, approximately 95 light years away from our solar system, has intruded into our U.S. presidential race and, indeed, into world politics.  Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, on hearing that aliens might be contacting us responded by tweeting, “Not on my watch they won’t. We’re going to build a wall big enough to keep them out. An amazing wall, surrounding earth. And they’re going to pay for it.” 

Meanwhile, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, pointing out that first contact with the aliens was due to their detection by a Russian radio telescope, claimed their planet as Russian territory. According to Putin, conversations were already taking place between the aliens and the Russians, in the Russian language, indicating that they were sympathetic to his country and, in his words, “they think of themselves as displaced Russians.”

In the United States, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton denied sending emails, which may or may not have been marked top secret, to the aliens. However, WikiLeaks activist Julian Assange released a cache of emails, obtained through a Russian hack of Clinton’s private server, all with the heading “about the alien problem.” To make matters worse for the Clinton campaign, Huffington Post, in a scoop over other news organizations, revealed that the Clinton campaign had an inside track to communication with the aliens due to Anthony Weiner, husband of Clinton aide Huma Abedin, having bribed workers at the SETI project, which sends earth greetings to outer space, to substitute naked pictures of himself for the line drawing of a male human that is included in their greeting.

As more details have come in regarding communications with the aliens from HD164595, it turns out that the U.S. government had been aware of their presence for some time. Leaked reports from Roswell, New Mexico, have shown that the aliens have even visited earth several times in the past, and possibly left members of their race among the human population. This news prompted Donald Trump to tweet that he believed, “Those aliens, just like all others, are rapists. I believe their mission is, that  by mating with our citizens,  they aim to  produce ‘anchor babies’ that will direct later invasions to our planet.”

The leaked Roswell data also contained information that the aliens had the ability to alter their gender at will, prompting North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory to say, “They won’t be coming to our fair state, because, we won’t let them use our bathrooms. If they can’t make up their minds if they’re men or women, then let them pee behind a bush.” Pope Francis condemned McCrory’s position as an example of prejudice, and added that, “these aliens may be a blessing in disguise. Since Obamacare cannot fund both male and female contraceptives to the same person, it can't be used to prevent alien babies from being born.” When asked if his statement meant that he thought God created the aliens and their children, the Pope answered, “God created all beings in his image.” When asked how beings that could appear as either men or women could be in God’s image, he replied, “I wear a dress don’t I? And I stand up to pee.”

How the discovery of aliens from a distant star system will affect world politics or the United States presidential election is unknown at this time, but Republicans are taking no chances, calling for increased surveillance of voters at the polls to insure that “no one voting is an illegal alien.” Democrats have scoffed at this idea and claim it is designed to intimidate earthling voters, especially those of indeterminate gender. However, there are reports that they are having ballots produced in an unknown language that consists of mostly mathematical symbols occasionally interspersed with pictures of Anthony Weiner’s body parts.


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    The both countries are racing to defeat each other on the name of aliens recovery.no one can surly describe that existence of aliens.the both countries do't want to see their name at the second point so for this step they are manipulate each other by having the contact with aliens.

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Then, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, bringing up that initially contact with the outsiders was because of their location by a Russian radio telescope, guaranteed their planet as Russian region. As per Putin, discussions were at that point occurring between the outsiders and the Russians, in the Russian dialect, showing that they were thoughtful to his nation and, in his words, they consider themselves uprooted Russians.

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