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Our Pushcart Nominations for 2015

Our Pushcart Nominations for 2015

The Editorial Staff


Each year we have the opportunity and challenge of nominating six of what we consider our best poems and stories for the Pushcart Prize. The decision is a difficult one. Every poem, story or essay published in Lost Coast Review is exceptional and has only been published after having been chosen from among hundreds of other submissions. Our poetry acceptance rate has dropped below 15% and our short story acceptance rate is below 10%. These numbers are getting even smaller with each passing year, as we receive more and more submissions to fill a limited amount of space in our journal.

Despite the difficulty of choosing among many outstanding publications, we have to make a choice. This year we first narrowed the field to 15 poems and 5 stories. From this list, 4 poems and 2 stories were chosen. We will first list our 6 nominations, and then the 14 honorable mentions, which gave each of our nominations a run for its money.

Pushcart nominees: (in order of publication)


“Singular” by Len Krisak

“It was Late and We Stopped Talking but We

Didn’t Hang Up” by Mark Jackley

“When You Were Gone” by Mark Burke

“Your Keys” by Heather Browne


 Short Stories:

 Family Honor by Frank Pray

 Stephen Crane & the Mentor by Tom Tolnay


The other poems and stories, which were nominated by staff but did not receive enough of our combined votes, included:



 “Cleansing the Haunted House” by Anca Vlasopolos

“Fresh Air” by Michael Mark

“Beautiful are the Turtles and Snails” by Alex Hughes

“Mailbox” by Mark Jackley

“Levon Helm Reborn as a Snapping Turtle” by Mark Jackley

“Scenes Out of Childhood” by Barbara Lightner

“Sunday Drive” by Georgia Tiffany

“Autumn Loss” by Joseph Lisowski

“Mid-November” by Joseph Lisowski

“A Peppermint” by Hadley Hury

“Untitled (Still Life)” by Gayane Hovsepyan


Short Stories:

Jackpot by Bethany Snyder

Need by Robin Wyatt Dunn

You Can’t Lose Them All by Penn Javdan


It goes without saying that all these decisions are subjective and another group of editors would have made different ones. Congratulations not only to our Pushcart nominees and to the runner-ups, but to all who achieved publication in Lost Coast Review in 2015.

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