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Chasing Tales – A Nyles Monahan Mystery

by Casey Dorman 

Avignon Press, 2012



Nyles Monahan is back!

Following his capture of the notorious assassin, Carlos, Nyles Monahan has retired from the LAPD to become a private investigator. But when his closest friend, Father Tom O’Flannery is summoned to Boston to face accusations of having molested an altar boy thirty years earlier, Nyles returns to his birthplace to help his friend, only to find that the priest’s accuser has been killed and Father Tom has been charged with murder. One murder leads to another, as Nyles' witnesses disappear almost as soon as he discovers them, until he finds both himself and his brother’s family in danger as he searches for a child molester and cold-blooded killer. Chasing Tales is an intricately plotted detective thriller, filled with twists, turns, and mounting danger, which is sure to please Nyles Monahan fans.


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By Casey Dorman

318 pages, paperback, $14.95


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When Norman Cantwell revisits the tiny New England village of Wacusset, Massachusetts after an absence of thirty-six years in order to renew his acquaintance with the woman with whom he was in love many years before, he begins to reminisce about that earlier love affair. His thoughts take him back to 1975 when, as the son of one of the most powerful publishers in the country, he came to Massachusetts to take over a small, struggling literary press in Boston. Norman settled in the small seacoast town of Wacusset where he fell in love with both the town and with one of its inhabitants, the successful and beautiful literary agent, Sandra Hallowell. The novel follows Norman’s struggles to make his publishing company profitable while maintaining its literary quality, at the same time he is trying to maintain a relationship with Sandra, who sends him a novel written by a new author, a novel which has the potential to win literary awards as well as to sell. Norman must struggle with the on and off attention of the peripatetic Sandra, while at the same time finding himself increasingly attracted to the young novelist. Unquity is a love story, a story of the adoration of literature and a story of the Boston and south shore area in the mid 1970’s, written with grace and sensitivity and which is sure to engage every lover of good literature.


“A revealing glimpse of the world of literary magazine publishing, coupled with a poignant tale of lost love.”

            Noel Mawer, author of A Critical Study of the Fiction of Patricia Highsmith


HEARTLAND  Now Available

By Warren Bull

166 pages,  paperback, $7.95

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Sixteen-year-old TOM ALLEN’s life is imploding. His father banished Tom from his life.  Tom’s stepfather is entirely too interested in commenting on Tom’s behavior. What makes it worse is that his stepfather’s comments are usually right on target. Then Tom’s beloved grandma suffers a stroke, which leaves his mother emotionally distant. Meanwhile, his older sister is too sophisticated to worry about his concerns. 


 Tom reads an old family memoir from his grandma’s cedar chest, he becomes intrigued by his ancestors’ accounts of their struggle to form one unified family from two shattered families. They face man-made and natural dangers while they battle to survive smoldering conflicts in “Bleeding Kansas” that will soon erupt into the bloodiest war in American history — the Civil War. With the help of family and friends, past and present, Tom gradually comes to terms with the pain and possibilities of his own family.


“Part rip-roaring adventure, part heartfelt coming-of-age tale, Heartland is every bit a page turner. Warren Bull masterfully paints the prairie life and harrowing conflict of 1850s Bleeding Kansas, and weaves it seamlessly into a modern-day mystery. I was caught up from the first page and couldn't put it down till I finished.”

L.D. Harkrader, Award-winning author of Airball: My Life in Briefs

 "When the present seems lost, the past can bring reality into views. "Heartland" follows Tom Allen, a young man whose home life seems to be struggling and falling apart. Looking into his family's past, he learns much, and brings what he learns to the table in the modern day. "Heartland" is a fine read of coming of age fiction, highly recommended" 

Children's Bookwatch, March, 2012

 HEARTLAND was a one of five finalists out of nearly a thousand entries in the 2010 Young Adult Novel Discovery Contest sponsored by the Gotham Writers Workshop.

Warren Bull has won a number of awards including Best Short Story of 2006 from the Missouri Writers Guild and “top favorite story” as voted by readers of Strange Mysteries ( Whortleberry Press, 2009).  He has more than thirty short stories in publication.

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