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Who Killed Andrei Warhol by Alexander J. Motyl


A novel by Alexander J. Motyl

Publisher: Seven Locks Press (August 15, 2007)





A tongue-in-cheek account of East meets West during the tumultuous 1960’s, this delightful and sometimes hilarious story pits the absurdity of doctrinaire Soviet Communism against the vacuousness of the avante garde social-artistic movement epitomized by Andy Warhol and his New York Factory. The hero, Oleksandr “Sasha” Ivanov, a Soviet journalist, visiting America to obtain a first-hand look at the impending socialist revolution, meets Warhol and proceeds to interpret the artist’s depiction of the icons of American commercialism as a deep philosophical critique of the capitalist way of life. Each of the artist’s half-formed mumblings is imbued by the admiring Ukranian as a profound commentary on the futility of the American way of life. Meanwhile Sasha’s own existence is being threatened by the slavishly brutal machinery of the Soviet state apparatus of which he is a part. The reader watches Warhol move toward an increasingly disastrous outcome, which is the product of his nearly complete self-absorption, at the same time that Sasha begins to question his belief in the Communist teachings that had, for him taken precedence over personal loyalty, marriage, truth, and even logic.


Filled with such characters as Gus Hall, head of the American Communist party, Andy Warhol’s artistic partner, Gerard Malanga,and the artist’s “superstars” Viva and Valerie Solanas, plus student protesters and Black Panthers, Who Killed Andrei Warhol will delight readers with its humor, its ability to capture the zeitgeist of America in the late 1960’s, and its highly entertaining examination of the contradictions and absurdities of Eastern and Western outlooks on the world.


Reviewed by Casey Dorman





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