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Today's Commentary

Why Americans have Two Different Views of the State of the Union

Book Review

Often Fanged Light: Poems by Anca Vlasopolos, reviewed by Casey Dorman


The Blue Rat by Michael Hartnett, reviewed by Casey Dorman


Film Reviews

Once upon a Hollywood: Review by Michael Minassian

The Double E Stands for Loneliness: Review of "The Silence" (Ingmar Bergman, 1963), by Michael Minassian

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Read Casey's Book Atheistic Nonviolence. Available at 

The foremost advocates of nonviolence, such as Ghandi and Martin Luther King, based their nonviolent postions on deeply held spiritual beliefs. In this essay, well-known atheist, Casey Dorman examines whether a nonviolent position requires an underlying spiritual belief and concludes that it does not. He further examines the practical, non-spiritual, arguments in favor of nonviolence and nonviolent resistance, even in the face of ruthless and tyrannical opponents. This essay, which is informative and readable, provides the philosophical basis for the author's ideas in his 2017 novel, "2020." 

Buy Atheistic Nonviolence  as a Kindle or paperback book at Amazon!

Do You Like Casey Dorman's Commentaries? 

 Enjoy His Philosophical Ideas in His New Science Fiction Novel: The Peacemaker

"The Peacemaker is, plain and simple, a wake-up call. Rising oceans, temperatures, floods, people and animals forced to flee from their homes... sound familiar? Dorman weaves our reality with a great cast of characters and the likely future, making for an excellent read." --Riya Anne Polcastro author of Left Behind, Book One

"Dorman's use of biomimicry, inspired by Janine Benyus's book and her continued research on this topic, makes The Peacemaker an original contribution to utopian sci-fi." -- Anca Vlasopolos, poet, author of Cartographies of Scale (and Wing)

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New Books

In the idyllic California village of Shambhala, an escapee from an experimental delinquent treatment center run by geneticist, Dr. Francine Stein, is murdered. Brian McGowan, cynical former cop, is asked to help with the investigation. After more killings, McGowan learns that the geneticist's experiments are the key to the murders. 

“This is the novel of my dreams. A hell of a ride.” –Les Bohem, Emmy-award winning screenwriter and producer.

“I'm a tough reader to please when it comes to mystery. Most of the time I find the genre predictable and trite, but every once in awhile a gem like Murder in Nirvana comes along.”— Riya Anne Polcastro, author of Suicide in Tiny Increments 

Murder in Nirvana pulls Brian McGowan out of self-imposed retirement and casts him deep into a series of grotesque murders requiring all the mental skills, physical stamina, and grit-glib exchanges he can deliver.”—R.A. Morean, President, Antioch Writers’ Workshop

“…a breathless roller coaster of danger, subterfuge and murder where the unexpected simply becomes the expected. Its mysterious and unorthodox plot turns mesmerize.”—Bruce Colbert, author of Lombard Street

Buy Murder In Nirvana on Amazon click Here


Read Casey Dorman's Moving Coming-of-Age Novel

After losing her mother on the day of her high school graduation, Dillon Bloom enters college and discovers that her calling is to become a writer. When she finds out that the father she thought had died in her infancy may be a very much alive and famous, but reclusive, novelist she is determined to find him and discover whether he is, in fact, her father. Martin Bloom, her father, is killing himself with alcohol and, after being fired from teaching positions at Harvard and Stanford, he is living a degenerate life on a boat in Saigon, Vietnam, hoping to regain his ability to write. Dillon’s search for her father, a quest which takes her from Oregon to Massachusetts to California and finally to Vietnam, is an odyssey of alternating hope and despair in which two anti-social people, father and daughter, struggle with their identities and the meaning of the other in each of their lives.

"With Finding Martin Bloom, Dorman ventures into yet another territory, the quest novel in which the young protagonist, suddenly left on her own, goes on a journey to discover her origins and thus her own identity, and the father discovers belatedly his paternity and through it his connection to the world."

                   Anca Vlasopolos, poet, author of Cartographies of Scale (and Wing)

Buy Finding Martin Bloom in either paperback or Kindle formats  on





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New Books!
Azimuths a literary novel by R. A. Morean
Cartographies of Scale (and Wing) poetry by Anca Vlasopolos

Soon to be Released!

A historical moment in literature! A new sub-genre has emerged combining poetry, philosophy, and anecdote. Kiriti Sengupta, bestselling author & poet based in Calcutta, India and translator of Bengali literature, is finalizing his Reflectionson Salvation. This work promises to be startlingly unique, fresh, and enlightening!

Sengupta's collection, termed "Flash Wisdom," is slated for release this week. We hope to spark interest in this project as few poets of this type are represented in the American publishing industry, and this peculiar collection of less than 50 pages invents a sub-genre of poetry, combining humorous anecdote with wise musings using a terse prose style.


Dr. Mary Madec, award-winning poet of Ireland, instructor of those with intellectual handicaps, and recipient of a doctorate in linguistics, invented the term "Flash Wisdom" to categorize Sengupta's promising new style — as in a similar vein, Hedwig Gorski invented the term "performance poet" during the 2000's to describe what later became "slam." — Dustin Pickering (Founder of Transcendent Zero Press and Editor-in-Chief of Harbinger Asylum)


The Art of W. Jack Savage, for sale at Amazon or


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An exciting historical thriller, available on Amazon for $12.95 in paperback.

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Welcome to the New Lost Coast Review

A Political, Cultural and Literary Blog

Look for Casey Dorman’s new psychological mystery novel, The Oedipus Murders, available for preorder on Amazon. The book will be released in paperback and digital formats in September of 2019. The publisher is Black Rose Writing.

Order it now on Amazon. Click Here.


 Here is a brief plot summary and some early comments about The Oedipus Murders.

Could the psychiatrist who is treating the husband of a missing woman be the woman’s murderer? A wealthy businessman, his troubled psychiatrist who suffers from amnesia—both become suspects in the wife’s murder. The dreams of the husband and the obsessions of the psychiatrist criss-cross in a plot that has the police, a forensic psychologist, a private investigator and the psychiatrist himself wondering who is the real killer. 

“A jaw-dropping work of contemporary California noir. Fans of James Ellroy will fall hard for Casey Dorman. An extremely satisfying novel that ratchets up the tension with each succeeding chapter, ending in a satisfying twist that few will see coming."

                                                                        Best Thrillers

“A gripping murder mystery and a fascinating journey through the tricks and tribulations of the head, intelligent, illuminating, and immensely entertaining."

             Panayotis Cacoyannis, award-winning author of “The Madness of Grief.” 


"Just when the reader thinks he knows what is coming next “Oedipus Murders” shifts again. All is great fun. “

 Darryl Freeland, Ph.D., Former Psychology Professor, Alliant International University


“As someone who does this for a living, I’m supposed to be pretty good at ‘seeing it coming.’ I was fooled time and again and I couldn’t have been more delighted.”

Leslie Bohem, Emmy-award winning screenwriter and producer


Now Available from Avignon Press

"I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It"

Quotation attributed to Voltaire by Evelyn Beatrice Hall

Read Casey's Most Recent Novel: A Political Thriller in which an autocratic president stages a false terror attack in order to get himself reelected. Follow the unravelling of this mystery as it examines the various ways to fight authoritarianism in America. Available at Amazon



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